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Dye Solution For In Vivo Endocytoscopy Of Normal Villi And Superficial Epithelial Malignancies In The Duodenum That Optimises Staining Conditions


Sackline Preitas Brilhante De Sã

Federal University of Espírito Santo, Maruípe, Vitória-ES, Brazil

Correspondence to Author:  Sackline Preitas Brilhante De Sã


Background: very important staining is obligatory for endocytoscopy, that permits image of canal tissue layer at the cellular level. This study aimed to spot a dye answer that might optimize staining conditions for in vivo endocytoscopy within the small intestine, together with traditional villi and superficial non-ampullary small intestine animal tissue tumors (SNADETs). Methods: we tend to performed endocytoscopy in nine patients WHO had traditional villi (27 sites) and twenty patients with SNADETs (20 sites). the conventional sites were allotted to thiazine (MB; 5/2.5/1%), toluidine blue (TB; 1/0.5/0.25%), and antifungal agent (1/0.5/0.25%) staining. supported the results of traditional sites, we tend to used 1 Chronicles MB or zero.5% TB for staining SNADETs. 3 reviewers, together with endoscopists and pathologists, evaluated and scored the endocytoscopy pictures (1, poor; 2, moderate; three, good) for general image quality and visibility of structure and nuclei. we tend to calculated frequencies and compared the proportions of the best score of three (good). Results: the bulk of lots of three for traditional villi was given to zero.5% TB (81%), followed by 1 Chronicles MB. For SNADETs, 1 Chronicles MB showed considerably higher scores compared with zero.5% TB (P=0.035).

Endocytoscopy, adenoma, dysplasia, duodenal cancer, duodenum.


Sackline Preitas Brilhante de Sã. Dye solution for in vivo endocytoscopy of normal villi and superficial epithelial malignancies in the duodenum that optimises staining conditions Japanese Journal of Gastroenterology 2022.

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  • DOI: 10.52338/jjogastro
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  • Volume: 4 (2024)
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