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Patients With Cirrhosis Have A High Frequency Of Asymptomatic Peptic Ulcers Discovered During Screening Endoscopy


Qin-Shu Lin Yi

Tongji University School of Medicine, Shanghai, China

Correspondence to Author:  Qin-Shu Lin Yi


Background: peptic ulceration unwellness (PUD) is additional current in cirrhotics and this might irritate prognosis. we tend to investigated the prevalence of pudding in cirrhotics and its potential association with Helicobacter pylori (H. pylori) infection, the underlying etiology and severity of disease, and alternative manifestations of malignant hypertension (PH). Methods: we tend to registered consecutive well cirrhotic patients WHO underwent screening examination during a tertiary hospital throughout a 12-month amount. we tend to recorded the presence of pudding and also the examination findings related to hydrogen ion concentration. H. pylori infection was documented through either microscopic anatomy or CLO-test. The designation of cirrhosis of the liver was supported elastography, liver diagnostic assay or a mix of clinical, organic chemistry and imaging information. Results: 100 patients (M/F: 54/46, mean age: 61±14 years) were enclosed within the analysis. hepatitis (37%) and alcohol (22%) were the foremost common causes of cirrhosis of the liver. Child-Pugh stage was A/B/C: 60/35/5. pudding was found in nineteen patients (14 internal organ, five duodenal). H. pylori infection was diagnosed in fifty four. Varices were detected in fifty nine (39% required treatment). hydrogen ion concentration gastropathy was gift in eighty one (severe in 33%). The presence of pudding was unrelated to the etiology and also the severity of disease or to alternative examination manifestations of hydrogen ion concentration. No correlation was found between pudding and H. pylori infection. Conclusions: A high prevalence of pudding was ascertained in our cirrhotic patients, though they were well and had no better-known risk factors of ulcerogenicity. the worth of screening examination for the first designation and treatment of pudding in cirrhotics deserves additional investigation.

Liver cirrhosis, peptic ulcer disease, Helicobacter pylori infection, portal hypertension.


Qin-Shu Lin Yi. Patients with cirrhosis have a high frequency of asymptomatic peptic ulcers discovered during screening endoscopy Japanese Journal of Gastroenterology 2023.

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  • Volume: 4 (2024)
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